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Proven Strawberry Plants for sale!

Published: 07/05/16

Come on down to the farm and grab them while they're still available! 



 Includes 8 proven one year old Day Neutral strawberry Plants, complete with strawberry cour mulch that has been saturated with strawberry growing nutrients. Strawberry Growing Instructions: Your strawberries are 1 year old plants already proven performers. Strawberry plants are generally good for up to 3 years. Each 1 metre long bag contains 8 plants and substrate mix which is already loaded with strawberry growing nutrients. The mix in the bag should be mixed in with your soil around the plants. Dig trough slightly longer than 1m long. Cut away the plastic from your strawberries and place the plants complete with strawberry mix in the trough. Replace dirt around the plants but no higher than the crown. After 1 week cut off all the foliage just above the crown. Your plants will hibernate through winter with nutrients just feeding the roots. As temperatures get warmer in spring fresh leaves will grow followed by flowers and Strawberries. Your strawberry plants are a day neutral variety. They grow best between 14 and 24 degrees C. Your first berries should arrive around November. After fruiting finishes around Christmas time, cut back all the foliage again and your plants will likely give you another crop of strawberries in the autumn.